Ready to look into the future of information, and how we can ensure it is shaped by our field and our values?

There are so many good reasons to attend. Here are five of them!

Speakers 🎤

We’ve already have confirmations from 13 exciting thinkers who have inspired and informed people all over the world. Now is your chance to benefit from their insights.

Together, they bring a wealth of perspectives on different aspects of the way information is created, shared and applied and how this is evolving, as well as what this means for our societies, cultures and economies. IIFS is your in-person opportunity to experience the vibrancy of their work.

Trend Report 📄

IIFS will see the official launch of our Trend Report, the first major update of this resource in over ten years, providing a future-focused resource for all parts of our field to prepare better for the future. We’ll be presenting not only a series of key trends in information and knowledge and their impacts, but also concrete scenarios illustrating what could happen when trends collide – through this, we’ll be making potential futures more real.

Collaborative Space🤝

As you see on our expanding website, we’re looking forward to a very different type of meeting, with a core focus on creating spaces for sharing. IIFS is an event designed to be as interactive as possible, providing a framework for everyone to contribute, and through this ensure that we have the strongest possible understanding of our current situation and our future potential.

Ignite Talks ✨

IIFS offers real opportunities for learning, and we want everyone to go away with new insights and knowledge that we can apply in our associations, institutions and wider practice. We’ll not only have Ignite Talks, but also a wealth of sessions focused on sharing ideas and experiences that are of real, practical value for us and the communities we serve.

It’s Brisbane! 🌏

And finally, there’s Brisbane itself. This is not only a great location – and it will be a perfect time of year for a meeting – but it is also a great starting point for discovering the rest of Queensland, and indeed of Australia.

For those of you who have never visited Australia before, we hope you will seize the opportunity and register today!

So you are encouraged to dive into the IIFS website, register, and get ready for the IFLA Information Futures Summit!