Who can attend the Summit?

Everyone is welcome! We believe that it will be a valuable opportunity for members of our field at all career stages, and in any library type, to attend, participate and gain from the experience. Let’s talk about our future together.

When and where will the Summit take place?

The Summit will take place in Brisbane, Australia at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane , with main sessions on 30 September – 2 October, and a day of self-guided visits and other events on 3 October.

How do I get the most out of the Summit?

Bring your energy and an open mind! We’re emphasising opportunities for exchange and learning from each other, so come with a readiness to listen, reflect, and share your own views.

We also encourage you to make the most of your time in Australia, and take part in one of the self-guided tours of local libraries on 3 October, as well as to consider visiting other parts of the country.

Will interpretation services be provided at the summit?

We are exploring options to ensure smooth communication for all attendees at the summit. We have utilized AI translation  in the past and we plan to employ it again in Brisbane for all the session rooms.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, the registration fee includes a reception on Monday night with the opening of the Exhibition. There will be a dinner on Tuesday, this has limited places and will be available as an extra cost.

Isn't this rather expensive for an event?

We’re aware that budgets are tight in many parts of the world, but the fee set for the Summit represents a really good deal! It is definitely comparable with the registration fee for similar events in the region, and of course includes a number of key benefits, including free public transport on boats and buses, coffee vouchers, and a reception on 30 September. And with our speaker line-up and opportunities to learn, share and discover, it’s great value for money as a personal and professional development opportunity!

Will there be library tours?

We will be providing information about Library Explorer Tours in Brisbane that will take place on 3 October. We very much encourage you to participate in these, in order to experience the activities and environment of the local library field. They are keen to show you around. Visit for more information.

Will there be Satellite meetings?

As this is not a WLIC there will not be a formal Satellite meeting program. However, we encourage IFLA groups who have the capacity to do so to organise associated events using the Guidelines shared with Officers.

Will there be Business Meetings?

No, we are not including these in the programme, but encourage IFLA’s committees to think about such meetings, in line with the guidance given to officers.

Will there be possibilities to speak? Will there be a Call for Papers ?

We have launched a call for Ignite talks, in order to allow people with exciting projects and experiences to share these with colleagues around the world. Please check the requirements and the deadline.

How do I prepare for the Ignite talks?

We have shared suggestions for tools you can use to prepare for your talk, if accepted, closer to the event. Check the Ignite talks page, where we listed a few links to help you with your talk.

How are proposals for Ignite Talks reviewed and selected?

A small jury will assess proposals for Ignite talks against the criteria set out.

Will the Summit be live-streamed?

Only the opening and closing session will be live-streamed.

Can I sign up for IFLA membership at the Summit?

Yes, but why not become a member now and enjoy member benefits throughout 2024 including a huge discount on the Summit registration fee. Find out more:

Will there be an exhibition?

Yes, there will be an exhibition at the Summit. Interested parties should contact for more information.

Is this a one-off event or will there be a series of similar events in future?

We are currently focused on this event, and are not planning to make this a series. However, we do encourage you to get involved in the process of reviewing the World Library and Information Congress model, which will shape future major IFLA events. Updates on the WLIC model review will be posted on and in the IFLA newsletter.


Do I need to be a member of IFLA to register?

No, the registration form provides for member and non-member rates. Members will be asked for add their IFLA member code when registering.

What is included in the registration fee?

You will get entry to all conference sessions, coffee vouchers as well as a welcome reception on 30 September. Tickets for the Summit dinner on 1 October must be bought separately.

Can I buy a one-day ticket?

Yes, please check the registration information page.

How can I register a group?

To register a group, contact

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, the registration fee includes a reception on Monday night with the opening of the Exhibition. There will be a dinner on Tuesday, this has limited places and will be available as an extra cost.

Does the event ticket cover public transportation?

Delegates will be able to enjoy free transport on the KittyCat inner city ferry & CityLoop busAdditional information on possible discounted Airtrain and public transport will be available soon.

When is the deadline for registration?

Early Bird registration deadline is 1 June 2024 and Standard registration ends on 27 September 2024.

What forms of payment are acceptable online and onsite?

Payment is required at the time of registration and is due in EUR, using one of the following methods: Credit Card (Visa, AMEX or MasterCard are accepted. Credit cards are debited in EUR.) or Bank Transfer – until 19 September 2024.

If you register onsite, you can pay by Credit Card or Cash; we will accept EUR or AUD as Currency.

Does IFLA provide a letter of attendance?

Yes, IFLA will provide a letter of attendance per email after the event is over.

Are there any grants available?

Yes, we anticipate some grants being available. Please visit the Summit website regularly for updates.

I am with the media. Are complimentary media passes available?

Media passes are available. Contact for more information. Please note a copy of your press card is required.

How many people will be at the conference?

We anticipate around 1000 people attending.

Can you help me justify my international travel funding?

We believe that the Summit offers many advantages, not just for participants in their own personal development but also for the institutions where you work, and associations of which you are a member. 

The Summit will be a great learning and development opportunity, offering new perspectives on librarianship today and tomorrow, which can translate into improved services and processes in your own work. It will include masterclasses focused on leadership, as well as other key skills for professionals at all levels, as well as providing a space for self-reflection. 

We strongly encourage employers, association heads and other potential funders to view the Summit as a great way to support colleagues in their career development, to share your own experiences and insights, and to bring back knowledge and energy to work at home.

Travel Arrangements

Which airport should I fly to?

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland is a major airline hub and you can fly there directly from most countries.  There are also regular connections between the other Australian international gateways, Sydney and Melbourne.

How long will it take to get there?

Yes, the flight to Australia from many parts of the world is a long one – just ask Australian and New Zealand colleagues the next time you see them at an event elsewhere! But that’s why we are focusing on providing a targeted, intense and fulfilling professional development opportunity with 3 days of face-to-face sessions and tours to award winning libraries, plus a strong range of associated events planned by IFLA volunteers. In short, it will be worth the trip!

In practical terms, if you live in Europe, you could leave on Friday night and arrive in Brisbane on Sunday morning local time, giving you some time to recover and recharge before a stimulating and exciting Summit. You could then leave Brisbane again on Friday night local time, and already be home on Saturday morning. From Amsterdam, for example, flights take around 24h in each direction. 

Similarly, from North America, you could leave home on Friday afternoon, and be in Brisbane by Sunday morning local time, while to return, you could leave Brisbane mid-morning on Friday and be home by mid-afternoon the same day (having crossed the international date line!). From Chicago, flights take 19h-25h typically.. 

Some indicative flight times from different parts of the world are listed below:

Route Time Stopovers
Amsterdam-Brisbane Around 24h At least 1
Chicago-Brisbane 21h – 25h  At least 1
Beijing-Brisbane 14h At least 1
Johannesburg-Brisbane 15h – 30h At least 1
Sao Paolo-Brisbane 25 – 30h At least 1
Doha-Brisbane 14h – 15h DIRECT
Tokyo-Brisbane 8h – 9h DIRECT
New Delhi-Brisbane 15h – 17h At least 1
Santiago-Brisbane 16h – 19h At lesat 1
Mexico City-Brisbane 21h-25h At least 1


However, it seems a shame to travel to Australia and not take time to see more of the country. While it is a vast land, there are incredible natural sights and experiences not far from Brisbane. See Australia’s unique animals at close range or dive into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. A trip to Australia is often on people’s wish list  – make the wish come true as part of attending the IFLA Information Futures Summit.

Is there a list of recommended hotels?

Yes, we will be providing a list of recommended hotels shortly. There are many hotels close to the Brisbane Convention Centre.

Is there a conference hotel rate?

Yes, there will be a conference rate at recommended hotels.


Where does the summit take place?

The Summit takes place in Brisbane, Australia, at the BCEC – Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Merivale St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia


The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre has three entrances. The Main Entrance is on the corner of Merivale & Glenelg Streets. The Grey Street Entrance, and the Exhibition Entrance are located at the corner of Melbourne & Merivale Streets.

Is the venue accessible?

Yes, the venue is strongly focused on accessibility. You can find out more on the venue’s own website:

Is catering available in the venue?

Yes, catering is available at the venue and there are many options for food in the nearby precinct.

Is there wifi at the venue?

Enjoy complimentary WiFi at BCEC for browsing the internet, checking emails or posting on social media.

In Australia, mobile data is available in most places. Your mobile plan may charge steep international roaming fees, so we recommend, if your phone is unlocked, that you pick up a prepaid Australian SIM card when you land, allowing you to make calls and access data at local prices.

Free Wi-Fi is available in most hotels, cafés and restaurants as well as at the State Library of Queensland, a mere 9 min walk from the Venue.

What are the summit's opening times?

More Information will follow soon.